flying with a dog

Because we love Truffles totally, and she feels the same way, we took her to Victoria. The other people who feel the same was are Rudi’s mom and dad, and losing their Golden last August means they’ve been craving doggy love.

So she came along. It wasn’t too bad once we realized that can can hold “it” for a bazillion hours and that she will not pee in the cold rain in Toronto en route to Victoria. And that she would barely pee on the Victoria-Vancouver-Toronto overnight, just once, when forced, and then not until we flew through Nassau, sat four hours and landed back in the Abacos. Wow. Wish I could hold it that long!

Part of the trip, before we realized that we didn’t need to do it, was look for pee pee places in airports for her. There really is none in Toronto, just a strip of grass outside some very lower level terminal between the cars/traffic.

But in “Victoria,” which is really in Sidney-by-the-Sea, the airport has a nice little dedicated spot.

And people who fly with dogs really appreciate it! Biodegradable bags and all.

The terminal, which is only five feet long to begin with, has two ends – Arrivals and Departures. And opposite the Arrivals and near the baggage area and across two small lanes of hardly any cars…


The Dash 8 that flew us the seven minutes to Vancouver had more doggy room (and Rudi’s backpack room) than any subsequent flights on larger planes. (No, we don’t have a happy camper.)

The space was solid and open, no bars for the chairs in front of us, and everything fit great!

For the next plane…

The A321 (and the next day for the Toronto-Nassau flight the even smaller A319) had squooshy space. Rudi has to empty his backpack of the computers and stick them all over his and Truffles’ underspace.

We did find a way to help the unhappy camper settle down a bit and sleep. Besides huge remedies, if I put in one foot and left it in her carrier the entire flight she was better. Not great, but better. And with Air Canada not having the cheese and crackers on any flights, she was more difficult to make happy. She was really looking forward to the cheese.

So as complicated as it is, and as unhappy as she is doing it, we loved having her visit the family in BC. She was thrilled to have more pack members to check on – and would climb into bed with her grandmother every morning, and would check on her and her grandfather several times a day. She’s be outside with us, come into the house and head straight upstairs to see how they were doing. It was very cool!

SHE was grateful to have more people to love her! And I was grateful she was so welcomed and loved.

~ by photokunstler on 20 May 2011.

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