The blog is taking a few days off

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As Rudi and I enjoy a few days in Florida!

Florida is cool – all pretty and palms. We have palms here but don’t show them off in quite the same way.

Photos as I have a connection!

Hope Town Harbour Lodge art show – Kim Rody

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Our last artist in my series is an acrylics artist from the US. Kim spends the winters here where I think she might be inspired by the landscape above and below the water.

Her paintings are generally large, colourful and dramatic.

This was a Junkanoo. You may well see my photos of another one this New Year’s Eve. Or the children’s Junkanoo. But I digress.

Kim paints lots of sea turtles and fish…




And boats!



My gratefuls? That I am surrounded by suck talent. That Rudi made me amazing liver and onions today. That last night was “Hawaii 5-O” night. That friend Amanda made a connection she needed to make – and more! And she and her love get to feed piggies, which are one of my favourite animals. That Truffles is a pretty amazing companion who blows my mind daily. That friend Brigitte is in Freeport now and is conducting a watercolour workshop!!

Hope Town Lodge Art Show – Brigitte Bowyer Carey

•28 November 2011 • 2 Comments

Brigitte is the most experienced artist of our little group. It has been her life for decades.

She has lots of art to display, including some new things done on driftwood!

But her forte is watercolour.

Anyone recognize this guy?

Some beach goodies.

A huge lighthouse painting.

And the crowds!

Browsing and – buying!

Art sales are a great way to judge how the economy is doing.

Our husbands lost in thought.

Another version of our lighthouse.

And a seahorse!

My gratefuls – That my friend Brigitte proved the economy is on an upswing! That Rudi and Donnie had a great historical conversation. That the Lodge was busy with people – busier than last year – for this art show. That Brigitte leaves on Monday to teach a watercolour workshop in Freeport. That I could send my emissary to the show to get photos to share with you!

the infamous – Mary Balzac!

•27 November 2011 • 10 Comments

And this is cool – Mary will have to tell us about her sideline, in the third photo!

Here’s Mary, a watercolorist (mostly) buddy from Hope Town. I have a soft spot in my heart for watercolorists.

I am happy that I own a Balzac, one that means a lot to me.

And here’s something new. Rudi said, when asked, “jewelry.” Is it? For sandals? Mary! Tell us more!

A few other people/items at the Art Show.

This first shot just gives you an example of how amazing the people of Abaco are. These gorgeous bowls – absolutely lovely – were turned by the man who is the service repairman for our appliances.

And this is Kent –

She makes great mobiles, but has another life, and had still another.

She was an executive pastry chef at a major Ritz-Carleton Hotel in Colorado.:-)
And in Hope Town, she makes a lot of the wedding cakes for our visiting brides, and does a bunch of other baking – like for our College’s Winter School’s potluck last February.

Aren’t Abaconians amazing? Versatile? Creative?

My gratefuls – That I love here with these amazing people, and that I am very proud to call some of them my friends.

the Art Show – Joli Feszt

•26 November 2011 • 9 Comments

Since I couldn’t make the art show on Friday at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge, I sent my photo assistant in my place so I could introduce you to my friends and their art.

I will begin with Joli.
Now she and I have a lot in common in terms of what we like to paint and draw, which can be more botanical than that chosen by many people. Joli is a watercolorist, but has been experimenting with pastels for the past many months.

Here she is!

And some of her work –

This was the first time that I can remember Joli participating in this show, so that was exciting!

I will have to ask Joli what this hot pink thing is. Unless Mary or Brigitte can answer in the Comments section for me. Rudi imagines it comes from the ocean floor…

And she’s done studies on them more than once.

Some sea grapes.

I hope Joli keeps showing her work!! I loved seeing it, even virtually.

My gratefuls – That I did sort of get to attend the art show, thanks to Rudi. That it seemed busy, so I am hoping my artist friends made a few dollars! That I love lamb but the mint jelly has to be my very favourite, and Rudi’s lamb stock is great.

a trip to civilization

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And you know how we know it is civilization?
Because a cup of rainbow sherbet cost $6 Yikes!!

When we went to Billy’s Garden Stand I pushed for a trip to –

The Sugar Shack!
And since I’m being a bit careful about what I eat – rainbow sherbet was the order of the day.

It was quite satisfying. It had been a while since I enjoyed a sherbet. And now we will buy our own so we don’t know bankrupt, $6 at a time!

My gratefuls – That Rudi made an awesome squash soup today, and I ate too much of it! That he also made a lamb stock with the recipe I’d shared a week ago or so, and the house smelled like heaven! We get to have that stock over the weekend. That friend Mary was there for me on Thursday when I needed her. That the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was wonderful, as always, and that it was fun watching the National Dog Show afterwards.

Why US Thanksgiving is more special to me than it ever was!

•24 November 2011 • 6 Comments

Yeah, the food is nice…

I wish you all a moist turkey!

And delicious sides!

And delectable desserts.


But my total awe for this holiday comes from my traditions. Which I was doing on Thanksgiving Day 2010…
1. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from NYC.
2. Watch the National Dog Show right afterwards.

And during that dog show in 2010, I realized we couldn’t live without a dog in our lives. And thus began the hunt for OUR dog.

And a few weeks later – well, here’s Truffles on her first golf cart ride to our home.

And she won everyone’s heart.

And Truffles is our grateful on this US Thanksgiving, 2011.